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The Beverage Innovation Age Gap – How Functional Ingredients Can Close It

The global beverage market is booming. It currently has an estimated value of nearly $850 billion, with the market expected to grow by 12% and predicted to surpass $1 trillion in value by 2022. And with a large market comes opportunity for beverage innovation. The category includes carbonated soft drinks, functional beverages, sports drinks, fruit beverages Continue reading…

Immunity in Every Part of Your Life – A Nutrition Expert’s Take

Nobody likes to be sick, and it seems like everywhere we go there’s another threat to our wellbeing. Germ-laden door handles, sneeze-spewing coworkers, or the prolonged horror of waiting for our kid’s sick schoolmate to inevitably spread the illness to our own home. Yet we don’t get sick that often. It’s amazing, and we have Continue reading…

Study Finds Taking Wellmune Helps Keep Children Significantly Healthier

Wellmune®, the immune strengthening bakers yeast beta glucan used in food, beverages, and supplements, helps to keep children significantly healthier by decreasing episodes of common childhood illnesses and symptoms of illness such as upper respiratory tract infection symptoms (URTI), according to a new study conducted by H&J CRO International Inc., in Beijing. The study was Continue reading…

A Follow-Up Formula with DHA, Prebiotics and Yeast Beta Glucan Supports the Immune Systems of Healthy Children

Results of Study in 310 Children Published in Pediatrics A study demonstrating that a follow-up formula containing a combination of DHA, a prebiotic blend of PDX and GOS, and yeast β-glucan supported the immune systems of healthy three- and four-year-olds was published in the June issue of Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy Continue reading…

Wellmune Helps Balance Immune Responses and Improve Quality of Life, Reports New Clinical Study Published in Food Science & Nutrition

Wellmune, a natural immune health ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements, helped modulate immune responses to improve overall health and quality of life, according to clinical results published online in the peer-reviewed journal Food Science & Nutrition. Wellmune modulated immune responses, as measured by a significantly significant reduction in allergy symptoms in people with ragweed Continue reading…

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